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confederate states army wikipedia - the confederate states army c s a was the military land force of the confederate states of america confederacy during the american civil war 1861, confederate states of america wikipedia - the confederate states of america csa or c s commonly referred to as the confederacy was an unrecognized country in north america that existed from, the whole point of confederate monuments is to celebrate - the memorials are a legacy of the brutally racist jim crow era, dixie s daughters the united daughters of the confederacy - dixie s daughters the united daughters of the confederacy and the preservation of confederate culture new perspectives on the history of the south, confederate monuments are coming down across the united - a white nationalist rally that turned violent in charlottesville va on aug 12 brought renewed attention to dozens of confederate monuments, civil war songs confederate lone hand - civil war songs confederate many of these song lyrics and poems have been long forgotten the archive centers on songs that were popular in the, robert charles tyler last american civil war confederate - against impossible odds and following orders issued half a year earlier robert charles tyler became the last confederate general slain in civil war combat, us confederate monuments what is the debate about - we answer the most asked questions on confederate statues and list those monuments that are being taken down, cia codebreaker reveals 147 year old civil war message of - a glass vial from the civil war has been opened revealing a coded message to the desperate confederate commander in vicksburg mississippi, confederate american pride homepage - about this website confederate american pride website has been created for that unique class of people native to the southeastern states who define, confederate artifacts the historical shop - the civil war confederate artifacts 8015 antebellum marbles civil war era found in atlanta during construction of the olympics, the women of war haunting images from civil war depict - they were the ones left behind when the battle horn blew the mothers wives sisters daughters and beaus of the soldiers called to the throes of war, post charlottesville confederate monuments begin to fall - post charlottesville confederate monuments begin to fall across the u s charlottesville like many other cities has struggled over what to do, cleveland civil war roundtable - the cleveland civil war roundtable committed to education and preservation open to all who share the belief that the american civil war is the defining