You Know Youre A Republican Or Democrat If -

clark county court to patricia doninger you re fired - i was with you all the way to them being a democrat i think it is terrible the way this woman was mishandled shame on kelly for thinking that people, for conservatives character counts when you re a - here is what we know about the allegation that an adult film star reportedly was paid to remain silent about a sexual relationship with donald trump before, sarah huckabee sanders to wh reporters on fake news awards - sarah huckabee sanders to wh reporters on fake news awards i know you re all waiting to see if you re big winners video, heartland democrats to washington you re killing us - i am a democrat i am a democrat from rural indiana that goodin 51 who has held political office for more than 17 years felt the need to say this, cnn s alisyn camerota vs holocaust denier running for - cnn s alisyn camerota vs holocaust denier running for congress in illinois you re a nazi, you re either a globalist or a nationalist return of kings - i don t know how he defines it in fact i m not entirely certain that it can have a hard and fast definition i don t mind if japan is reserved for, getting a photo id so you can vote is easy unless you re - soon after obama s election a surge of republican led state legislatures passed laws requiring photo ids voters who have to show id constantly in, strzok page text messages reveal god complex you re - strzok page text messages reveal god complex you re meant to protect the country from that menace, you re either a globalist or a nationalist roosh v - if you re getting value from my work consider making a donation through the roosh booster club your donation is crucial in the face of silicon valley, 16 signs that you re a slave to the matrix waking times - read on and please take a moment to comment below with anything you d like to add to the list or object to you pay taxes to people you d like to see, donald you re fired factcheck org - if donald trump worked for us we d have to say donald you re fired for incompetence the successful developer and tv celebrity says he d make a, you re so old jokes part 1 everyone s community - you re so old jokes part 1 a list of you are so old jokes and you re so old jokes your so old you got your mail with a carrier pigeon you re so old your, articles karin mcquillan archives american thinker - articles blog posts by karin mcquillan obama pressures facebook to censor news zuckerberg complies and crushes trump on facebook apple store leaves, breitbart tv latest news breitbart - breitbart tv is the home of the hottest video on politics world events culture and media, government shutdown 2011 16 things you need to know - still there s a good chance you d be better off without your government maybe you could get them to close down for good and run the place yourselves, you re providing the hush money for congressional sexual - the last news story i read before taking that most american of four day reprieves from anything to do with politics or world affairs was illustrated with, sotu response from drooling dem just another kennedy - strange that you should pick this point in history 1962 3 to compare to 2017 this was the pivot point in the dnc once jfk was gone where the raid on, you know how this ends right this ends through war - ive said this for the last 2 months the writing is on the wall if you cant get your head out of the sand and see whats coming you are high, which party is the party of the 1 percent capital - nice points and well put i would agree with what you say more so in 2017 than at any other time i vote democrat mostly and many democrats are fully, roger stone excoriates nicholas kristof the daily caller - if you ever find yourself in need of a cheap cheat sheet of ever cited but never substantiated trump colluded with russia allegations, meghan mccain to leave fox news channel variety - meghan mccain will leave fox news channel where she has been a contributor to the show outnumbered, tucker carlson tonight fox news - tucker carlson tonight is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity smugness and group think we ask the questions that you would ask and demand answers, www dominus berlin dominus berlin high level bdsm - hello web admin i noticed that your on page seo is is missing a few factors for one you do not use all three h tags in your post also i notice that you, melania trump approval poll results patriot pulse - agree with the results let us know in the comments, trump in the eye of the storm real jew news - trump is in for more than he bargained for he s in the eye of the storm pitched against a monsoon he began running against clinton but found himself, 3 things you must do if donald trump is assassinated - protecting yourself and your family will be paramount if trump is assassinated especially if you have not associated yourself with any leftwing cause